10 + years combined post-production coordination experience, or experience with digitalSelf-driven and able to complete tasks with minimal guidance if necessaryAdept at determining priorities and able to hit deadlinesAn expert in technology, comfortable trouble-shooting problems throughout the editorial department background in film and television production, or in digital contentAbility to adapt quickly to changing priorities in a deadline-driven start-up environmentProductivity-focused and proven to be a quick expert.




Develop and maintain relationships with key production vendors to create cost and workflow efficiencies that could benefit the production
Work hand in hand with legal and business affairs to maintain network business, labor and legal/compliance standards
Develop and produce live and taped guest segments. Implement and work independently with guidance from Senior and Executive Producer
Work with Head of Production chairing projects in development and production
Creates and supervises production schedules to ensure all work stays inside budgetary boundaries and time constraints
Builds, supports, and refines working relationships with all internal and external clients and personnel with whom production management interacts. Strategically recommend structural and workflow improvements to maximize show quality.

Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
Demonstrated ability to problem solve in a fast paced environment
Able to develop positive working relationships with all levels in an organization
Works with Head of Production chairing projects in development and production
Sales coaching experience
Fluent in Russian and in Armenian
Act as a liaison between producers and Head of Production
An experienced line producer of live events/game show programming
Provides pre-sale cost estimates

Film Co-Director
Company Name Platinum Production

Collaborated with lighting and sound technicians and cameraman to improve overall quality of scene shot.
Studied scripts to interpret intended message and determined scene planning and layout.
Conducted actor auditions and selected appropriately based on film content and audience.
Scheduled and supervised actor rehearsals.
Coordinated scene and actor schedules based on scripting.
Provided encouragement and praise when instructing actors to emote realistically and believably.



Assists with media management of edit servers
Works with and help develop the Production Team
Manages delivery of post-production materials and Quality Control between production companies, Networks Group and international distributors
Reports on efficiency of edit jobs and highlight opportunities for improvements to edit workflow
Coordinates freelance editors and external. Assist in responding to content delivery requests
Creates process between Creative Executives and the production company to ensure clear communication and effective translation of vision to production dollars on-screen
Supervises time effectively and learn quickly, stay calm under pressure and excel in fast-paced project timeframes




- Designed and developed course curriculum and teaching materials.
- Prepare, administer and mark, tests and papers to evaluate employees progress and reviewing their performance.
- Supervisor of independent/ group projects for the team
- Administrator for  franchisees of the firm. 
- Organizing day-to-day operations of the firm. 
- Implementing marketing strategies for the development of the firm. 
- Designed all commercial, and study materials. 
- Managed a team of graphic designers, Supervise teaching assistants, and marketing staff.
- Creative Director for the training on Motion pictures and Photography.
- Managing creative projects from concept to completion.
- Managing art direction, design, copywriting and production of projects.
- Directing a creative team of Communication Designers, Video Editors, and Motion Graphics Artists.
- Chief Advisor for ‘Film & Photography’, ‘Multimedia’, ‘Communication Designing’, & ‘Visual Arts’.
- Advisor for Illustrations, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Photography, and Communication Design.
- Supervisor of independent/ group projects for trainees.