Dynamic and multi-talented dancer with more than 10 years of experience on the stage. Skilled at performing any styles. Excellent work ethic and commitment to helping the company or production make an impact on the audience.


Exceptional partnering ability
Strong tumbling skills
Incredibly flexible and focused on technique
Expressive and engaging during performances
Fluent in both Ukrainian and Russian
Dedicated to physical fitness and health

Work Experience / Dancer /  Backstage Studios

Performs shows per week as a professional dancer.
Rehearses each show for at least two months before opening date and perfects the technique and style for the performance. Achieves and sells out crowds for more than 95% of the performances each time. Rotates through 12 different costumes and makeup, changes during the course of each performance to capture the mood and character of each scene.

Performed numerous shows in different countries.
Attended supplemental dance classes to maintain top skills for the entertainment purposes.

Danced in at least five major productions per year in a variety of different dance styles.
Practiced each part of the performance each week with the company to maintain the professional level as a break dancer. Led rehearsal time each week by initiating different dance steps and scenes with groups of company dancers. Recognized by critics as a top talent during the first season of professional performance.
Maintained peak physical condition during the dancing season by completing regular exercises.
Showed up to all rehearsals and commitments on time or early 100% of the time

Dedicated and passionate Platinum Production Cinematographer with a strong attention to detail and
extensive knowledge of multiple movie making software programs.  Participates in all phases of the filmmaking process. Possess great communication and leadership skills, a highly professional attitude and
important ability to finish all projects within schedule and budget in Hollywood, CA, United States

Work experience

Platinum Production Cinematographer
Pro-actively participated in all phases of movie and television production from scriptwriting to post-production and release. Worked closely with other filmmaking professionals, assisted in the content development, and served as a camera operator when needed. Produced multiple short films and documentaries, communicated with contractors and assisted in the creation of promotional campaigns. Managed documents and records, maintained various professional tools and equipment and coordinated multiple preproduction activities
Currently working on a new Reality Show project.



Professional Break Dancer


Professional Dancer