Obtains a Cinematographer position at Platinum Production and contributes to the success of the company.

Highlights of Qualifications:

Extensive practicality in video and film production 
Ability to combine film, animation, and other new media techniques
Steep knowledge of film equipment and operation of audio visual devices 
Solid understanding of editing, cleaning and repairing techniques 
Familiarity with audio visual production techniques
Ability to translate creative vision into film and video 
Ability to meet deadlines and produce films as well as maintain profitable relationships
Superior communication skills

Professional Experience:

Cinematographer / Realtor


Manages editing high-quality product.
Handles scripts and coordinated with film editing, faculty, new media, business analyst, field operations and new programs teams. Carried out live shoots.  Innovated film techniques to solve problems. Suggested new approaches and revisions with the help of academic teams. 

Handled varied audio visual devices and still cameras.
Administered film crew with preparation for shooting of films.
Maintained cost records.
Purchased equipment for film supplies.
Set up equipment in field locations.
Operates still cameras as required.

Experienced cinematographer, producer, director with expertise in the field of video, the craft of editing production and photography. Loves to explore and collaborate with diverse styles and formats through the lens of a camera and with lighting. Skilled in process trailer and insert car work, green screen work. Fluency in English and Arabic.



Rehearsing and memorizing the scripts.

Conveying character and emotions to the audience vividly.

Interpreting comic or serious roles by gesture, speech, or body movement through stage, motion picture or television.

Using different body languages as per the demanding situation and character  to communicate with the audience.

Following the commands and taking cues from the director.

Practicing and improvising the role.

Collaborating with other actors in the performance

Recording for advertisements and voice-overs for animated projects.

Attending auditions and casting calls for roles.

Promoting movies, series, and plays production using several means such as press release, social networking, attending various shows, other promotional strategies.

Assisting the scriptwriters and lyricists for improvising to depict the perfect role.

Coordinating with other crew members for dressing, lighting, and makeup.

Performing various action stunts for stage production, dramas, movies, or television.